World Handicap System Update
A further update on the system which is implemented at the start of November.
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How will your Handicap Index be calculated?

Your new Handicap Index will be calculated from your last 20 qualifying gross scores since 1st January 2018. Each score will be adjusted according to the difficulty of the course (the Slope Rating) the average will be taken of the best 8 of these scores, this will be your Handicap Index.

Your Handicap Index is recalculated each time you put in a qualifying card as your 21st score will fall from the calculation.

It is currently expected that you should be able to see your Handicap Index alongside your current Handicap from October although it won’t come into use until November 2nd.

Don’t worry if you don’t have 20 qualifying scores, your Handicap Index will be calculated as shown in the table below. Once you have 20 scores you will be considered to have a fully developed Handicap Index.

Calculation of Handicap Index

Number of scores Scores Used Adjustment

3 Lowest 1 -2.0
4 Lowest 1 -1.0
5 Lowest 1 0
6 Average of lowest 2 -1.0
7 or 8 Average of lowest 2 0
9 to 11 Average of lowest 3 0
12 to 14 Average of lowest 4 0
15 or 16 Average of lowest 5 0
17 or 18 Average of lowest 6 0
19 Average of lowest 7 0
20 Average of lowest 8 0

For more information about Handicap Index view the England Golf video via the link below.

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