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Dear members,

Recently, we have given our permission for one of Colt members, 18 year old Louis Altham, to manage our Instagram account as part of his A-Level IT coursework. He is tasked with growing the online community surrounding BSGC and would be extremely grateful if as many members as possible could interact with the account by doing the following:

· Liking posts
· Commenting on posts
· Sharing posts
· Sharing the account
· Encouraging other people to follow the account

This is to ensure he has enough evidence of community interaction when he comes to evaluate his progress at the end of the next 3 months, as this is required to achieve the best grade. He must also post a variety of different content onto the account, such as humorous or informative, which may not be possible to link to the golf club directly, but will still be golf related.

Please go into Instagram and look up:


This will benefit Louis’s project as well as the Golf Club.



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